Lexend Font Issue / Layout Export to PDF

I use the Lexend font which is claimed to be the most readable font ever - https://www.lexend.com

Lexand does not support bold or italics but in Layout you can apply italics and bold to the font and it will show on screen.

When I export as PDF italics and bold do not show, however if I print via my PDF driver (primoPDF) it will show italics and bold.

Any thoughts ?

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Nice looking font. It is a Futura clone with american-style proportions (low ascenders and descenders)

Being interested in these kind of things, I glanced through their website. Traditionally, readability studies have favoured serif fonts for long texts and you seldom see books printed in sans serif.

Remembering my own childhood I guess that the readability results apply to people who are still learning to read, and might be different with adults. I learnt to read by myself at about 5 years of age from Donald Duck comics that were at that time printed in all caps, and I remember that it was at first difficult to read normal lowercase text, and even more so if it was in a serif font.

It appears Layout in merely embedded the font into the PDF and it is not applying the font variations into the PDF since there is not font file for them. Our print driver seems to be applying these variations. Iā€™m assuming if there are font files for these variations, they would also appear in the Exported PDF.