Letter centers won't become transparent

I bought this lettering in as a DXF, and it behaves OK, except when I try to remove the letter centers to expose the brick wall.

I can highlight the centers, butthey just turjn white. If I delete the center after selecting it, it becomes a hole through the brick. Here is a screen shot of what is happening. And thankyou to anyone smart enough to tell me what is wrong.

Just draw a line along the edge of one of the holes (in the case of the O, a single segment of the curve) The face will fill-in again. Sample the brick texture by holding down Alt while using the Paint tool, then paint the blank face again with the brick material.

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Thankyou Alan, That seemed to work out OK…It worked thanks to someone in
the know. Now I am trying to do a realistic shadow and it’s gray. Is there
a way to make the shadow just look like a shadow? Just wondering…I
excited to be learning so much. This program is far more powerful than
you’d think. Here is a screen shot of the gray shadows. I must be doing
something wrong.

Thanks Alan…something else i’ve just learnt…I always wondered if there was a way to pick up a colour used in a model without having to refind it in the paintbox…use “alt”…many thanks…that’s a shortcut that will get well used from now on.

It’s hard to tell just looking at the screenshot, but those shadows appear to be ground shadow. Have you got the wall lying horizontally on the ground? You can get rid of ground shadow by unchecking the box in the Shadows palette on the tray, but the most sensible thing to do would be to select the whole model and rotate it vertically so it’s climbing up the blue axis.

There are other times when you might need to get rid of ground shadow. For instance when you draw a plane on the ground, draw a rectangle on it then Push-Pull downwards to make a swimming pool. You’ll get a nasty grey shadow hovering above the pool water. The solution is to move the whole model up so that the bottom of the pool is above the origin/ground plane…or turn ground shadow off again.

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Alan…You’re RIGHT (again)! It was gray ground shadowing. Now I am trying to use the push pull tool to extrude this shield design (from the same DXF file). When I try to bring it up, it only extrudes the ribbon-like band around the shield, but not the body. Is there a way to make the shield an object? Thankyou Alan…RoB

Again, I can’t really see what’s going on with just an image. That cross, hatching looks like the face might actually be hidden.
The one thing I (and every other serious user) would recommend is…do not…under any circumstances…work directly with the geometry from an imported dxf. Trace over it using SketchUp’s own drawing tools and make it much simpler. For instance, those swoops on the top of the shield could very easily be done with the arc tool…using only 6 or at the most 12 segments…not the 3 million they appear to have at the moment. You could probably do the entire shield outline in a few dozen segments.
Working with geometry that dense is a recipe for difficulties and frustrations.

Alan…The hatching is a simple pattern I filled the shape with so I could see it…When comp[leted, it will be a color not a hatch design. If I select the entire shield, all of the lines turn blue, making me think I have a shape. I will definitely try your suggestion and make sure it works for me. As always THANKYOU for looking into this for me. RoB

Tried part of the shape…It’s very hard to see the “new” geometry. What I did was split the shield exactly in half, then tried to redraw half of the remaining half. You can see that it still does the same thing. What baffles me too, is that the letters are from the very same DXF as the shield. Please tell me how the SU interface can tell the difference between a letter shape and the shield shape. The letters work fine every time. Thankyou for you help and expertise. RoB