Removing inner parts of text or objects

Hi, I am a sign designer and am learning how to make beautiful models of signs in order to get more work. I designed these letters in Coreldraw and saved them as AI files…I then opened AL and exported them as DXF. After that I inported them into SU Pro 2016 and they came out better than fair. My issue is “how to I remove the centers of the letters”? Here is a screenshot of the 3 letters. And THANKYOU in advance for any advice you can offer. Rob Orizino

While I have no experience with the work flow you’ve described, it appears from your screenshot that what you currently have is 2D. Assuming that is true, the “insides” have a better description in the SU context: Faces.

And faces can be simply selected, then deleted. Either by right click and select “delete” or by using the eraser tool.

If your letters are part of a group or component, you’ll need to be in an editing context.

If you can share your .skp file, I’d be happy to take a closer look and create a quick screen video capture showing exactly what you need to do.

Without meaning to be rude, but, the same way as has been shown to you several times.
At it’s most basic, use the Pencil tool to draw an edge between to endpoints along the d and the b, the profile will change to thin and you’ll be able to remove the “hole”.
As mentioned by sjdorst, you need to be in the correct context to edit the edges.

No offense taken, as I do appreciate the advice. And will try it. I seem to
hit unclimbable walls when trying to learn, and it is nice when someone
steps up and shows me the way. I have seen youtube videos where the centers
"drop out" in one click. That’s what I was thinking of trying to do. But I
will try your way. And I appreciate your support. It is not necessary for
you to respond to my queries if you don’t have time or patience. Sometimes
I need to ask more than once due to what seems complex to me but not to
you. Thankyou Sir/MaAM Rob Orizino

To clarify a bit for your edification, if the shapes imported perfectly from the dxf, you just have to click on the shaded interior portion of a letter and hit delete (and again, as already observed, you may need to open a group for edit first). Poof! Gone. But sometimes there are tiny imprecisions in the dxf or for some other reason the importer doesn’t understand that the interiors should be separate faces from the filled part of the letters. In that case you need to trace over any one (typically tiny in a case such as yours) edge segment using the line tool. That should cause a separate face to form so that you can delete it.