Let's Model LEGO Together!

Hi all! @jody and I are going to be jumping on the live stream to model one of the most requested items! The LEGO Millennium Falcon!


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OK… I just did a little math… and it turns out we WON’T be able to do this 100 or so hour model in the time we have set aside for a live stream… maybe we will tackle this instead

Also, take a look at this image…


So, everything is on a 1.6 mm module.

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I thought your math was too weak for those calculations!

Have you figured out how deep the Lego logo is embossed on the studs?

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.16 would be fitting.

I seem to remember three types of studs: with an embossed logo, with a raised logo and one with the “dimple” on the top surface. Those could be fitted centered on the 2-stud piece. It might be that the logo is always raised, though.

Well, I had to go up to my son’s room and find a Lego block and then go out to the shop and get my magnifying glass to find that you are correct. The logo is raised. Easily fixed, of course.

@Shep, I’m thinking more like 0.016.

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Today I stumbled across this, which made me go bananas, or, well, lego if you want: https://drububu.com/miscellaneous/legolizer/index.html

EDIT: as a software developer, I am uttermost jealous about this.