Lenovo BIOS Update 1/1/2018 - SpaceMouse Operation

First, this is not a SketchUp issue.

We believe this is a 3DConnexion SpaceMouse Driver issue. I downloaded a critical Lenovo BIOS update two days ago. Everything working well including SU17 and LO17. Only issue so far revealed is SpaceMouse has stopped working. I worked with 3DConnexion Tech Support yesterday. They are continuing to work on my case.

Thought I would reach out to the community and see if anyone else is having the same problem.
Details: Lenovo T470p, Win 10 Pro, SpaceMouse Driver 10.5.4


a typical hardware trouble-shooting would be:

  • unplug device
  • uninstall device driver from Windows software control panel
  • restart Windows (!)
  • go to step 2 if device driver still shown in Windows software control panel
  • install device driver be r-clicking the setup routine and choosing “Run as Admin”
  • plug device
  • Windows shows a conncerning hardware detection/installation message

Thanks @sketch3d_de, we followed a very similar procedure yesterday, with no results. Please let me know if you have any additional thoughts. I am now waiting to hear back from Tech Support.

rename the file extension of the downloaded setup routine from .EXE to .ZIP and open by double-clicking or an archiving application.

Rip off the “SketchUp2018-x64.msi” of the SU core installer to e.g. your Windows desktop and launch by “r-click > Run as Admin…”.

Success. Just finished with 3DConnexion Tech Support.

Problem with SpaceMouse was resolved by a recently determined bug solution requiring the simple deletion of a system Cache File. Seems corrupted information was at times being saved to this 3DConnexion Cache File.
SpaceMouse is working perfectly, if not even a little better/smoother.

Thanks again @sketch3d_de for your posts.

Would you please supply more detail? Specifically, WHICH cache file you deleted?

Hi @sjdorst, the file I was instructed to delete was 3DxServiceState found in 3DxWare folder.
I am using Win 10 Pro and the SpaceMouse driver was 10.5.4 (64bit).
3DConnexion Tech Phone Support was very professional and helpful.

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