Left-Hand toolbar - lost search button

I already use last week the search button to hide edges and profiles but today.
But today the serch button is not displayed !
If someone can help me I’m not experienced with this sketchup version.
many thanks

// Try clearing your internet browser cache. And then connect again.

The search icon is in place and is functional.
If you want to hide some edges, open the Entity Info(first icon on the right side) and choose soften/smooth on, as you see in the animated GiF.

Bonjour mihai.s
Je te remercie pour ta réponse rapide. Je viens de tester la solution par le menu “entity info” et je réussi à améliorer l’image mais malheureusement pas complètement (c’est un objet simple pourtant !)

De plus sur ma left-hand toolbar je n’ai as le bouton rechercher.
J’ai essayé avec deux navigateurs différents : chrome et firefox … la même chose !

Je joins une image de mon écran pour bien montrer mon problème.
Je n’ai pas réussi à supprimer les lignes noires restantes!

You’re welcome!
If you can edit the style, then you can hide those thick lines.

Did you log out and clear your cache? Then you logged in again?

It Works !!
Many thanks !

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@DarioDeBona FYI, the reason for this is that we have not yet localized the search into non-English languages. We are working on translating the search capability, so that it’s available in each language that SketchUp for Web supports.

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