Search button on the left tool bar not present

On the left side of the window I used to have a search tool. It is not there anymore. How can I get this back? It was part of the tools along the left side of the window. I have also seen it on all the marketing pictures. Who can help. co

Do you mean like this?

I just now opened SketchUp for Web in Chrome and it’s there. Can you show a screen shot of what you see? What browser?

Have you zoomed in so far it is hidden behind the top menu?

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Until you get that working, you can search by typing a question mark instead ‘?’

Your window does look high enough for the search to be visible. It should be there.

That’s Mark or whoever, not the current web version with Helen.
You need to login again with the newest version.

Added: sorry, Josh, not Mark.

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The magnifier feature was added after Helen was the scale figure. This is Josh, from before the magnifier existed. Not sure how you are seeing a version that was removed months ago.

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