Leaving one part behind when moving a component

Chair.skp (205.8 KB)
As you can see from the attached PNG file, when I double click on the chair, the back rung is no selected. Consequently, when I move the chair, the back rung stays behind.

I created the front rung first and saved it as a component. Then I copied the back rung.

What did I do wrong?


The front rung is included in the geometry of the component called chair while the back rung is not inside that component. You have both the “chair” component and the loose geometry contained in a nested component called Component#1. I’m not sure exactly what steps you used to tdo that but the back rung should be inside the “chair” coponent and you should have the Component#1 at all.

Check your PMs.

This shows “Component#1” is opened for editing. Inside that component I have selected the “chair” component and moved it a little bit and then selected the edges and faces of the back rung. Note how Outliner represents this. Outliner does not show loose geometry though.