Creating top with overhang!


Hi all,

We are having trouble creating a top with overhang, i draw a box around the 4 outer points of the columns. Then used the pull tool and it left the caps in the legs! I made the legs components thinking this would help this not happening.

Hope you understand, look forward to your comment




You say you made the legs components but it doesn’t appear they are actually wrapped up or the rectangle you drew for the top would not be missing the corners. You may have selected the leg geometry to make a component but my guess is the geometry below the legs was attached and not selected. When you clicked to create the component, Replace Selection With Component would not have been ticked automatically so although a component was created, the visible legs are still loose geometry. the component should appear in the In model component library, though.


I agree with Dave - this seems like the most likely explanation. Either that, or you drew the top before creating the components, so it had already been cut by the legs.

There are some checkboxes in the Create Component dialog that you have to watch because the defaults can later trip you (as well as not replacing the selection, you can accidentally get glue-to). This is a reason why I always create components at the earliest opportunity. Coming back later, you run into issues like this!


Brilliant thanks guys it worked by ticking the box in components :smile: thank you for the help!


I’m happy that worked but I would suggest you should consider changing your workflow a bit so you don’t need to tick that box. As slbaumgartner mentioned, you should make components as you go to avoid having the issue in the first place. I concur with that suggestion entirely.

So, if those are table legs you’re showing in your drawing, draw one when it isn’t touching any other geometry and make it a component. Then that box will be ticked automatically. Copy the leg around as needed and then put the top on.