LayOut's lost file references



LayOut’s lost references has been a bit of a pain for awhile now, and as we’ve been digging into this we think we have found a major contributor to the problem, and have a recommended workaround.

We were able to replicate this issue by deleting the temporary folder for LayOut while still having the document open, then finally saving after I deleted the temp folder. Here is why this applies:

On a Mac:

  • The mac os (since 10.5) has a utility that helps with directory cache clean up. Copy/pasted (vs inserted) images, skp geometry, pdf content, etc. is stored a temp folder until the file is closed. Mac OS checks every 3hrs and 35 minutes to see if a folder/file has not been touched/modified for 3 days. If it hasn’t been touched/modified in that time, then the os will delete the temp file contents. If the user is tech-savy, they can take a look at the plist and edit things there. The file location is below.


On Windows:

  • Same deal as Mac, except it can be from a anti-virus or the user doing a Disk Cleanup (found by typing “Disk Cleanup” from the Start menu", basically anything that will clean temp dirs for you, ie. CCleaner. This will delete the temp directory, causing the same behavior for files that have been left open for a really long time. The folder location of where the temp directory is: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp<application name>.

For now the proposed short-term solution is pretty simple:

  • What we want the user to do is save the layout document and CLOSE the layout document. Basically don’t have layout running overnight/weekend, since it can potentially just delete some of the contents. We are working on a permanent fix, but please let us know if you still see issues after applying this suggestion.

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