Layout won't render Hybrid

I have a huge model with materials and I’m trying to render it in Hybrid for a large presentation.

My display options are set to low and my output on high but it still won’t switch over to Vector or Hybrid. Someone told me it would take an hour or so per drawing, but my wheel has been spinning for over 3 hours. Is there a way to get decent lines without vector or hybrid? Any help is appreciated.

The file is too big to attach but I can link it if necessary.

Here is the layout file if needed.

I am trying your file. It takes a while to even open. One thing that can take a long time is generating thumbnails for pages. I am trying Hybrid after making sure Pages is closed. So far it is still taking a long time to switch to Hybrid.

I’m worried that after 3 hours I waited that it’s a lost cause. It looks like export 2D graphic from Sketchup gives me the spinning wheel of death too. I’m not sure how to get this graphic exported.

I will leave the file trying to switch to hybrid overnight.

I am also trying to open the embedded SKP, and that is also taking a long time to open.

@Adam you may need to look at the example file.

The SKP did eventually open. It may be the most demanding model ever created.


It’s a 250,000 sq ft mall. That’s after I purged unused. Should I give up on getting a section?

Better question…is there a good way to get sections in hybrid or vector with 3D furniture like Revit does?

Sheesh! A 325 mb SketchUp file with 78 million edges, there is little hope of vector rendering this. It’s also got some lost geometry way far from the origin. This poor model appears to be very bloated with high poly downloaded models. I started to play with it but it needs some serious time and effort put into cleaning it up. With some effort you may be able to tag classes of elements and control their visibility with tags, then use stacked viewports to make a vector rendered section of architecture, overlaid with a separate viewport for raster render of only plants and furniture. But it’s going to be slow going. Some heavy housecleaning is needed in the usual suspects, plants and way over-detailed furniture, here is a look at the heaviest objects in the model…

What you probably have done is build a forest of 3D trees. and a car park of detailed cars. Get rid of those. This without trying to open your model. Forget about Hybrid or Vector rendering, it works for a model with 1% of the geometry you have stuffed in.

Yikes. If I can group all the 3D elements and hide them in a layer, will that do the trick? Or do I need to delete them from the model?

Is Sketchup not capable of doing 3D sections with furniture like Revit?

Because the 3D Warehouse is so vast it is much easier to overload your model in SketchUp than in Revit where the number of available assets is smaller. 3D views in Revit are also resource hungry and quite the same modeling rules apply if you want to keep things going smooth.

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Yes SketchUp can do 3D sections. But, Revit and ACAD would also have issues with such a large 3D file. Purge everything you do not need and save scenes in a way that makes the render efficient. Stacking view ports with a combination of raster and hybrid/vector would increase speed drastically. Minimize what “needs” to be vector and hybrid.

Raster quality only shows it’s jagged head when you are zoomed in, so also consider how you are presenting. All to often people complain about raster quality when they are looking at it as though you are looking at a 24x36 D sheet with their nose pressed to the paper.