LayOut Won't Render Sections with Furniture

I have a huge model that I stupidly populated with 3D furniture in order to get sections. Apparently, Layout doesn’t like to render furniture in vector or hybrid and freezes up, and raster looks awful in Layout and on the Image Export option through Sketchup.
I was hoping this would be like Revit where 3D furniture works fine. How can I render my section without poor quality?

Use simpler furniture components. Many furniture pieces in the 3D Warehouse are excessively detailed for what they have to do. Probably too many edges to render in Vector or Hybrid without a long delay.

Also make sure your model is very clean. No unneeded stuff.

If you share the LO file with us we might be able to give you some additional ideas for speeding things up.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please add the version number to your profile.

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