Layout: Why Use Shapes instead of Sketchup Model View?

I’ve been using Sketchup and Layout for 3 years to make furniture shop drawings. I have always just input my model and looked at it from different orthographic views to get all measurements. However, sometimes a project will come along that will require visibility variations from hidden components.

Basically, I have this reception desk that I want to differentiate the toe kick from the top desk area. How can I show hidden lines below as dashes while having the top sections shown as solid lines, like in Sketchup?

I’m really interested in the pattern fills and line options for shape building in Layout, but I’m having a hard time understanding the necessity of this feature. Why not have those options available for the Sketchup model viewports?

Thanks in advance!

Are you still using SketchUp/LayOut 2019 as indicated in your profile?

You can use dashes tied to Layers/Tags to show hidden details. Sometimes it’s appropriate to stack viewports, too. If you want to uses hatches, you can apply them as textures in your model.

With LO2021, there’s a lot more flexibility in the way you can do this stuff because you can leverage the control of dashes for tags in specific viewports and also control the visibility of different tags.

I generally only draw shapes in LO now for clipping masks.