Layout Viewport View Refresh/Adjust

I am putting together the final set of drawings for my project. I was attempting to adjust the viewports view type from the original one that is RASTER and to change it to HYBRID but every time I do the system locks up and I get the spinning Fan of lockups.

Any ideas?

Have patience. It takes time for the viewports to render in Hybrid and Vector, especially if the model has a lot of edges to render.

I find that vector dent take too long but hybrid does. What can we do to improve the render times? I find that there is a definite difference in the qualities of the render between the three choices.

any thoughts?

Vector won’t take as long as Hybrid but it does take longer than Raster. Unless you have textures displayed in the viewport, don’t render in Hybrid.

Simplifying your model might be possible. That would reduce render times in LayOut.

Some users find it useful to stack viewports. They set the top one to Hidden Line and use Vector rendering so only the line work is rendered and leave the bottom one set to Raster. Pretty simple to set up and manage and helps with render times.

Check out tags in Layout.

If you have any high poly objects / components that have their tags on but are either beyond the Layout viewport extents or hidden behind geometry then turn them off.