Layout Version 19.2.222 even clunkier than previous version

Layout 2019 is now doing this frame edge redraw problem. The previous release of 2019 did not do it nearly as much. I have the latest Windows update and the latest NVidia driver, is there anything that I can do to fix this? It’s incredibly annoying.

Hi cam, not exactly sure. What is the entity type that you see this most often with?


That screenshot is from after moving around images, not SketchUp views. It seems to happen most with higher resolution images, such as 4K size.

Hi cam and thanks, this is a result of some work we had done with clipping masks this release and as a result we have some artifacts being left behind after the object is moved. We have this captured as a bug and will prioritize a fix accordingly (LO-13251).

One simple way to get them to go away is after moving an object containing a clipping mask, is to perform a slight pan or zoom. This will force a screen refresh.

We do notice that this is more obvious with a rectangular clipping mask.

Sorry for the annoyance.