Layout too slow to use efficiently

I would be happy so sacrifice visible lineweights in Layout, (but not in print), and many other cool things like orbiting inside the viewport, just to have speedy viewport updates.Having just a box represent your text when you move it is not a problem. All in for work flow speed, and let us just accept the approximations that comes with that.

ok…so I need to be talked back off the ledge…Layout is making my eyeballs boil today.

Today I’m battling the macOS required floating toolbars…somedays they like to play together in a nice little huddle…some days, like today, they just hate each other and some find a small space off my screen to hide out for while…guh! Please…Trimble?..Please…No, no, no, no…really…Please Trimble?

Layout 2021.0.1 was working « normally », but I update to 2021.1 and lagging issues are the worst I encounter with Layout :frowning:
The same for you ?

Hi Mark,
Layout 2021.0.1 was working +/- good for me with real performance improvements compare to older versions.
BUT, I made the mistake to update to your last version 2021.1 and now layout is unworkable (3x longer for me to draw presentations because of huge lagging issues).
2 questions:

  1. Does Trimble is aware of this lagging problem ? If yes, when to you plan to fix it ?
  2. Is there some pc configuration we can change to decrease this lags ? (eg. Nvidia parameters )



Hi @BIMworld: we haven’t seen reports of a discrete 2021.1 performance degradation related to a change in this release. I will send you a DM, as it would help for us to look at files that you are having a bad experience with.

re Hi @Mark ,

I am totally disappointed but happy because this morning Layout work fine … I can not understand … I was about to make a video to show the problem and share the example file with you. With the exactly the same file I had with enormous lags, I start to remake test (like moving photos or applying measures) and it is a miracle I do not have any lags any more!

I really do not understand what happens, let say my problem is solved now and Layout works fine.
I hope I will not have to come back for this problem :))

thanks for your help

I was struggling with LayOut and emailed tech support who provided this info which definitely helped!

There are a few things that we’ve found can help speed things up for Layout:

  1. Go to File > Document Setup > Paper and switch the editing quality to medium or low. It makes the images look a it fuzzy, but it will still export nicely.

  2. Keep the SketchUp Model viewports in Raster rendering mode until you’re ready to export, if possible.

  3. Turning off auto-render can help sometimes.

Now, if the slowness is from a problem, it’s for one of three reasons:

  1. Hardware or graphics cards: Sometimes a docking station can prevent an external monitor from accessing the “good” graphics card, so check to see if Layout is using your 3D-class graphics card. If you have multiple monitors try only using LayOut on your desktop or laptop main screen, to see if your other monitors are not accessing your good graphics card.
    One way to check if Layout is using your Nvidia is through the Nvidia control panel. Try this article and make sure to hit “Apply” in the Nvidia window afterwards if it fits what you see: How to manually set a default graphics card: Nvidia or AMD

  2. If you haven’t restarted your computer after installing the latest version of SketchUp and LayOut.

  3. If this is only happening in a few files, make sure that the SketchUp Viewports are as low-poly as possible and have any unnecessary layers turned off. In general, the more “agile” the SketchUp model is, the faster Layout can render it. This quick guide may help: Agile SketchUp Modeling Guide - Google Slides

  4. The last reason is if there’s a bug in the software. But we can only know if that’s the case once we try everything else, so let us know how the first things on this list go.

“using your 3D-class graphics card”

I don’t think I’ve heard that term since installing my Orchid Righteous 3dFX Voodoo.

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I want to notice that Section Cuts make LO extremely slow. If you don’t use Section Cuts, Layout is ‘acceptable’ to work with. At least, that is my experience…

I don’t often use the 3d warehouse but I needed some furniture yesterday so grabbed a few items. There are some great items available.

Problem is the vast, vast majority are modelled with hi poly counts. And often with high res materials. They certainly dont follow any guidelines or adiot 2d+3d versions .

So we have this fundamental disconnect where Sketchup models are high poly - because it’s a surface modeller without nurbs capability - yet LayOut hates high poly/high scenes.

Fortunately, as a workaround, I put all my 3d furniture on a separate Tag. Trying tonrender it in LayOut takes forever (20mins per scene).
What would be helpful is being able to lock that tag as “do not export to layout”.
Because 80% of my model size and complexity comes from items on tags that i dont use in LO…why even export them in the first place?

Even if the tag/layer is turned off?

I have at times, selected all that high poly stuff, cut them, opened a new document and pasted them in place and saved that as a repository I can come back to and do the reverse process to put them all back in place again when I need them (like for a rendering).

I work with really large and complex models and LO really can handle these quite well. But if you want to dimension a section cut LO freezes. (If you listen to us Trimble…PLEASE fix this…PLEASE! :cold_sweat: :pray: )