Layout Title Block - Add after I started working

Is there a way to add a title block after I started working in Layout? I am a teacher and I have students that are forgetting to setup the title block when they start

Sure. You can add a title block at any point in the project.Most likely it’ll involve drawing a rectangle or some rectangles and adding text. They’ll probably want to create layers specifically for the title block elements so they can lock them to avoid inadvertently editing the title block when working on something else.

Is there a way to add one of the title blocks that Layout provides?

You can open a new file and choose one of those templates. Make sure all the layers are unlocked and copy the title block elements with Edit>Copy (right click, Copy, keyboard shortcut work, too). Then go to the project and choose Edit>Paste.

Best practice would be to make sure the project contains the same layers that the other template uses for the title block elements. Pasting goes more easily that way.

The pasted content will be in the same location relative to the upper left corner of the paper as it’s copied from location. So if the student is using a different paper size, the title block elements will probably need to get moved into the right place.

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