LayOut Title Blocks and Page Numbering

New to SU and LayOut and reaching out to the SU Community for help

  1. Can Title blocks be switched after LayOut file created?
    now noticed error in originmal block created
    , ie like reloadoing a component
  2. Where is prefix for page numbers set?
    Help would be appreciated

Have you got your title block geometry and text on a layer that is enabled to be shared across all pages?

A lot of people would create a template for drawings they produce in LO which includes a title block. That would often be on a layer that repeats On Every Page. Most of the block is effectively a component and so could be deleted or swapped with another.

Not sure what your second question means. I don’t think you can change the page numbering but you can change the order of your pages (which effectively changes their page number).

Thanks for your response.
Have title block on all pages except cover
Made an error in title page and now want to reload the corrected one. Such a task might apply to other projects in future for various reasons.
Only solution I could find on web was from 2015 I think and suggested cut and paste but that seems a bit archaic. Thought I could reload template like a component (or an Xref in AutoCad world).
On numbering, default seems to have an A prefix, but have seen some examples with S or L, so was looking to be able to amend that to suit issue etc

Thanks for your response.

Q1. Deleted or swopped - I thought that… but cannot see how… Perhaps its some step or action I have missed…can you expand on how this is done.

Q2. On page numbering, the default seems to put an A prefix. Would like to be able to amend that to suit document/project.

You should be able to edit anything in the title block or anywhere else on the page.

A template is just a LayOut file that gives you a starting point for your project. It could be entirely blank pages or it could have content like title blocks, page numbers, and other content that would be common to many projects so you don’t have to add that stuff all the time.

You could open a new project with the template, make the required changes to the title block and then copy and paste the content from each page in the previous project but it seems like it would just be easier to edit the current one.

If your page number is being done with Auto Text you may need to edit the Auto Text entry in Document Setup. Or maybe you just need to edit the text box on the page. It would be easier to help you if you were to share the LO file or at least your template so we can see what you are working with.

This is a page number starting with A. in one of the default templates. The number is Auto Text but the prefix is simple text. You can edit it to be whatever you want the prefix to be.

You can even use some symbol if you want.
Screenshot - 10_10_2020 , 6_37_05 AM

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Attach is clip (i hope first time)…but I see no A prefix…

2020 10 10 SU Doc Setting Page Numbering

See my edit above and share your file so we can see exactly what you are working with.

Thats an EXCELLENT response…but I dont get that when I open up page number…maybe I have deleted something. The page numbers change form one page to next but no sight of the prefix…hmmm

For the third time, share the file so we can see what you have in front of you. Your questions could probably have been answered nearly 18 hours ago if you had share the file.

Sorry dave, but there are some privacy issues here. Thanks for your help all the same. Will see if I can strip off some info.

When I clicked on the page number it went to ‚Äėchange or substitute font or something‚Äô. If I click again THEN it opens up to showed the prefix.
I presumed it was set in doc settings…another problem solved…

[quote=‚Äútede20, post:12, topic:138673‚ÄĚ]
When I clicked on the page number it went to ‚Äėchange or substitute font or something‚Äô.[/quote]

That’s because the font used in the template is not resident on your computer. You can change the font to whatever you want it to be.

FWIW, this comment indicates to me that you are probably using one of the templates that comes with LO. You should use it as an example and make your own template with the text and fonts you want along with other template settings like layers for different entity types, boilerplate text, appropriate date formatting for auto text and so on.