Need title block (only) on every page


i always seem to screw this up but I’m trying to get my title block (only) on every page and keep the page numbers going up. if some one could please ether do that for me are tell me how to do it are both would be greatly appreciated thanks stair wall bonneyville.layout (234.6 KB)


stair wall bonneyville.layout (232.8 KB)
Take a look at this. Does it do what you want? I created a layer just for the title block content and made it a shared layer. You can lock that layer, too, if you don’t want to risk changes to it. Unlock it when you do need to make edits and lock it up again when you’re finished.


yep right on thanks dave




By the way, I would suggest that you create layers for specific types of content. For example create a layer for text, maybe a separate one for dimensions, and a third for SketchUp viewports. Put the text layer(s) above the SketchUp viewports layer in the list so text doesn’t get hidden behind the model.

Also, create scenes in SketchUp to use for the viewports in LayOut and do not make changes to the viewport that result in it being shown as modified. Having modified scenes in LO will create no end of confusion and delay.


ya i definitely need to learn to use layers in both SU. and lay out I’ve only started taking SU and lay out seriously for 3 weeks now and have already come a long way from were i was

so before i start entering text i should add a layer call it text and just start typing and finish what I’m doing and then lock the layer ?


Just be aware that “layers” in SketchUp and Layout are very different beasts. The differences cause much confusion, to the point that many of us have requested that the ones in SU be given a different name. Layers in LO are pretty much what you would expect if you come from a 2D CAD or image editing background - in effect a stack of things that each overlay and potentially modify the ones underneath. Layers in SketchUp are special visibility and coloring attributes that entities refer to instead of owning their own settings. SU’s layers do not have any sort of “stacking” behavior and don’t gather or own entities in any way!


I would create the appropriate layers before even starting the document. In fact, you could make your own template which includes your title block. Then select the desired layer for the sort of content you’re adding. If you are adding text, make the Text layer active (pencil icon next to its name). you can always change which layer content is on if you forget but it’s easiest if you develop a methodical approach.

Locking a layer prevents the content on that layer from being selected or modified. Lock layers you don’t need to work on if it makes it easier and less likely to create errors by selecting the wrong entities.

And follow Steve’s advice regarding layers in both SU and LO.