Adding A Title Block?

I’m wanting to add a Title Block to a One-line Diagram I have created… Can this be done? How?

You can draw a box and divide it up as needed using the Line and/or Rectangle tool. Then add text boxes with the Text tool.

OK… Didn’t know if something could just be imported or there was a template?

Templates exist, but they will likely require editing to suit your purpose. You should save title block template (or any other template) to your scrapbook file for use as needed. I intended to post an example but LO is not responding at the moment.

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There are a few pre-made templates with title blocks which you can use and edit as needed. You’ll likely need to unlock the layers to make changes.

If you make your own title block, you could do so in a blank document and save it as your own custom template. Make other changes such as font, dimension units, additional layers and so on.

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I’m fairly new @ this program… so I appreciate your help!

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