How to make a title block template?

Is there a way to edit / rename templates with out having to go to program files /sketchup/layout etc.? I had spent hours creating a template, and I wanted to delete the versions I didn’t like, but couldn’t find anywhere in the LO program to get rid of the unwanted versions. Somehow, in the process my final version vanished. The auto back up was found to be blank.

So, now I have to start over from scratch.

Is there a way to put an auto date in a box on the title block?

How do you highlight text to change the type font / size etc.? I did it once but haven’t been able to replicate it. It’s simple in SU but I can’t seem to make it work in LO, no matter what I select. So I end up deleting it, and retyping it from scratch.

How do you remove the white background around a jpeg logo? I don’t have photo shop, so I did it in, but I find out later that jpeg won’t save that option, so I end up cropping the logo tightly to make it fit.

Why is it so difficult to rotate an object, like a block of text and get it properly aligned? I end up typing in the degrees because when I have the snaps on it goes to a location I don’t want.

I wish there was a good video that explained how to make different variations of title blocks, and the options.


You need to save as PNG from Paint.NET. PNG supports transparent backgrounds. Refer to the Paint.NET help.

Refer to Edit > Preferences… > Folders > Templates
You will see at least two paths. A “ProgramData” path (with all the distro templates,) and a User “AppData” path where YOU should be saving YOUR templates.

If you do not wish to SEE any of the distributed templates, simply highlight the “ProgramData” path, and click the [-] button under the word Templates. Then restart Layout.

There is no need for you to actually hunt down and kill the template files. (They’ll likely just get reinstalled during subsequent maintenance updates anyway.)

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Use the Select tool. Click the Text object ONCE. It will become highlighted with a blue bounding box.
Change the font style, size, etc. in the “Text Style” inspector panel.

To edit the text in the object, double-click with the Select tool. It is now in edit mode, and entirely selected, so typing will replace all the previous text. To selectively edit, with the mouse, position the caret cursor within the selection, or press the [END] or [->] keys to go to the end of the text, the [HOME] or [<-] key to go to the start of the text.
Make your edits, and press [ESC] to exit edit mode, or click outside the text object (ie, the cursor switches to the system arrow cursor.)


Activate the Text tool, and place the origin of the text object where you will want it.
The text caret cursor begins blinking ready for typed characters.
Select the Auto-Text tag you want from Text (menu) > Insert Auto-Text > (sub-menu)

You’ll likely want <DateCreated>.

As time goes on, you’ll just begin typing the Auto-Text tags from memory (it’s faster.)


thanks for your replies - they are helpful. G

Re "I There is no need for you to actually hunt down and kill the template files. (They’ll likely just get reinstalled during subsequent maintenance updates anyway.) "

I was deleting the ones I made that I didn’t like or want to reduce clutter. G

Gotcha. The %AppData% path is version dependant (ie, there is one for every Layout version you install.)
Many people create a version independant folder under “~/Documents/Templates/Layout” or similar. Wherever makes sense to you. Then add that path to Layout using the [+] button.

smells like double post?

I posted it but I couldn’t find it, so I figured I did something stupid, and it was never posted or was erased, so I rewrote it. Sorry. G

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