Layout Text Editing Bug...?

Quite often I get garbled text when the end section of a text box is off screen and I am typing beyond what’s visible on screen.

In the following example all the text up to the word adjusted was on screen and as I continued to type, zooming out the entire text box into view, I got the highlighted text:

What I typed out was to suit and not ouz suiuz

Very weird. I haven’t see that before. Does it seem to occur after a certain number of words or characters?

I can’t figure out any pattern Dave.

When I deliberately try to replicate the issue it doesn’t happen.

Having said that just now:

Both the extension and garage conversion roofs was on screen and I continued to type will be unvented.

Very odd. I just tried typing that and got “unvented”.

Does this happen in other LO files? Wireless keyboard? Someone is playing tricks on you? Do you think that UFO parked outside your place could have anything to do with it?

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After some digging, it seems that this is to do with one of my AutoHotKey scripts that detects if I am editing in a text box.

When the text box caret is off screen the AHK script cannot detect any more that a text box is active.

As a result some of my weird keyboard shortcuts that fire when not editing text, spew out garbled text.

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