Layout Stretch Function?

Is there an equivalent of a “Stretch” function in LO? In the attached LO screenshot I show a cabinet that needs it’s depth changed from 21" to 24". I can change it in SU and (most) of the dimensions stay connected. BUT the hatching does NOT stay connected (even though I snapped it to the model). So now I need to adjust all those little hatched rectangles. I’m having to do them one by one over several pages, which seems crazy. If I adjust more than one at a time, the thicknesses scale incorrectly. Am I missing something?

Note that SU also has this “problem” but I use “Stretch by Area” by Tak2Hata (without which SU would be almost unusable for me).

Which is why there is Skalp

Mike: Thanks for the tip about Skalp. Could I ask you a question or two about it?

Can I assign a section pattern (say black grain lines) to a texture (photo of wood grain)? In the Scalp videos I see that you can have the section match the texture, but that’s not what I would normally do. I need the section to show a SYMBOL for wood, not a photo of wood. It looks like it can be done with layers or objects but that seems needlessly complicated.

Also, when the sections get exported to Layout, will the section fills work in VECTOR mode? I don’t want to show colors in the rest of the model so I don’t want to turn on raster or hybrid.


You can create your own patterns with the pattern generator and you can export as autocad hatch (dxf)
@Guy might have some more details