Layout Stalled

I’m working on a fairly basic file, all 2d sketches in SketchUp and brought into LO for dimensions notes etc…however recently I have noticed Layout seems to stall (not responding) when I copy and paste text between notes…

Any suggestions for what I am doing wrong? @colin

It would be interesting to see your LayOut file. Since you’ve pinged Colin I’ll leave it to him, though.

I would not mind at all if Dave took over!

One idea I have is that it can take a while to recreate the thumbnail in the Pages panel, especially if there are demanding viewports on the page. Your innocent copy and paste could still lead to a long delay while the whole page is rendered to make the thumbnail again.

Do you get the same delay if the Pages tray is not open?

WP24615 - Tolaga Bay School.layout (5.7 MB)
I just tried to recreate the issue, but now works fine (with and without the pages panel open)

Just realised what you mean by thumbnails (doh moment). I always have it in a list view as opposed to thumbnails…

The thumbnails for your file update quickly, though the first time I did the move I got a crash.

Not sure what the original problem was.