Layout Shortcuts and 3DConnection - Camera Tools/Pan & UpdateReference

Hello Again,

I would like to add to a button of my 3D mouse or SpaceNavigator the Camera / Pan action and Update Referentie.
But I can’t find the right shortcut or keystroke for those two actions.

Camera / Pan is activated with double click inside a viewport and then right click > Pan.

Any suggestions?

If it is not there, ten I will ask this as an feature request.

Thank you in advance

It’s not a good idea to open the viewport to pan, zoom or orbit. This will disconnect the viewport from the scene in SketchUp and then any scene-specific changes you make in SketchUp will not be shown in the viewport. You should, instead, create scenes in SketchUp that show what you wish to show in the viewports. If you find you want to change the view, it is best to go back to SketchUp, make the adjustments and update the scene. Save the changes and then return to LO and update the reference. If you tick the box to preserve scale on resize, you can drag the edges of the viewport without opening it. As long as you keep it from showing “modified” you’ll maintain the link.

As for creating a shortcut for Update reference, filter for ‘update’ and you should find the entry in the Shortcuts list. I’m not certain that you can add a shortcut from the Space Navigator but you might.

Hahaha, I did see this one, but I was thinking about software update, the coin wasn’t fallen, because I was searching for refresh.

About the pan function, I know it does work well this way. Typo, should be (" I know it doesn’t work well this way.")
I did create another topic to ask something about that because that issue goes a different direction then this topic.

Thank you

Which way? The way I described or the way I you’ve been doing it?

Sorry about that, it should be.

'Doesn’t work well this way.

Which way doesn’t work well? What is “this way”?

You will create problems for yourself if you open the viewports to adjust the camera position. It can be done but it’s not a good idea if you want a smooth and efficient work flow.

That way, opening the viewport!
Like you wrote.

Right! Opening the viewport to modify the view creates all sorts of problems. Don’t do that and you won’t have those problems.