Make all input shortcuts customizable


Clicking mouse wheel is very inconvenient to look around in SketchUp. If the user has the capability of a 5 button mouse, the software should provide the capability to map wheel clicking functions to the 4th and 5th mouse button.
Furthermore, all 3D navigation is much easier when using WASD keys, irregardless of the application in mind.
The currently available shortcut customization is limited and not enough.
Here is a breakdown of the ideal keyboard and mouse navigation shortcut combination:

Left Click = Select
Roll Wheel = Zoom
Right Click = Open context menu
W = Orbit Up
S = Orbit Down
A = Orbit Left
D = Orbit Right
Shift W = Pan Up
Shift S = Pan Down
Shift A = Pan Left
Shift D = Pan Right

I really wanted to use SketchUp, but the current illogical navigation controls are an absolute dealbreaker.


Mapping mouse buttons is accomplished via the OS and any proprietary mouse driver installed.
Map the mouse buttons first, then setup your custom keyboard shortcuts in SU.
Window > Preferences > Shortcuts

Camera location/orientation is infinite in SU.
Orbit or Pan commands like Left, Right, Up and Down don’t exist because they’re simply not necessary.
Navigation is primarily via activating the Orbit, Pan or Zoom tool and merely moving the mouse.
How you activate the camera tools is up to you; setup hotkeys to activate the tools to suit yourself.

SketchUp’s model space is a real-time 3D environment, just like the real world, only better.
The camera commands you’re requesting relate to working in 2D.

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