LayOut select by object type

I would like a way to limit selection to certain object types so I suggest something like this:

When a tool (line, text, etc.) is selected, holding Shift and clicking selects objects that are of the type produced by the tool, and Ctrl-A selects all objects of the type on the page.

It would make it easier to make changes to, for instance, all text on a page at once, especially as LayOut doesn’t have named object styles (that might be another FR)

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If LO had a live Ruby API it would be quite trivial to port Selection Toys, and we’d have advance selection functionality.

That would probably be a good solution.

It’s an interesting request.

Not to take anything away from your request but, out of curiosity, do you use layers for the different object types? If you do, then locking the other layers except the one you wish to select (CTRL A) sounds like it will do the same as your request.

Of course it takes discipline to make the correct layer active as you work to put the objects on the correct layer, but I find it works really well. It’s something DaveR spoke to me about a while back.

Here’s a snip from the layers in one of my templates. Before I use the Text or Drawing tools in LO for example, I make the corresponding layer active to put them on the correct layer (Text or Linework). Then controlling these things further down the road makes it much simpler…


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