Object automatically selected upon creation


I think it would be useful if objects were automatically selected upon creation. This would allow you to edit them without having to click arrow and select and then edit. I have worked with other CAD programs where this was the case and found it improved work flow.


I assume you’re referring to editing a group or component. The component or group will be selected but it won’t be open for editing. Why not just right click and choose the appropriate Edit menu item?


Actually, I am talking about creating a line of text or a dimension in Layout and when it is completed have it automatically be selected for editing of its particulars, say font size or stroke. This would eliminate the step of selecting arrow key and clicking on the object you have just created. I remember that VectorWorks worked in that manner and I liked it.


Hmmm… Do you find you frequently have to change fonts and strokes for dimensions or text entities?


Yeah, the multiplicity of editing windows in Layout is a nuisance, and often when I create a text or a dimension I wan to tweak it in some fashion. Would like to just do it on the go.


So each text entity is different? You don’t use the same font and stroke settings for all the dimensions in your document?


I am often doing different things. Once I settle into some routine, things are fine. Like I say, I have worked with programs that automatically select items created; it is a preference toggle. It can save a step without hindering others and I think it would be an improvement for Layout which, despite its virtues, a bit clunky as a CAD program. My journeyman’s opinion.