Layout scrapbook, convert imperial to metric

Hi forum!

Having a issue with a scrapbook wich came along witch sketchup. Its a scrapbook with cars and i really want to use it because its a great one but its created in imperial scale, is there anyway to convert it or is there a metric one anywhere to download? I have been searching a lot but cant find anything. Can anyone help me?

I dont know why is available only with imperial units, most countries use metric system, unfortunately theres no an automatic way to change it, you must edit the scrapbook, co to file document configuration, on the units menu change from fractional to decimal and units to centimeters. Then change the text, the first one y think its 1:50 scale, but im not sure, you can use a reference like a person to check what is the scale, or create a scale drawing set it to 1:50 and paste the first drawings, then make copies of the scale drawing group and change the scale on the scale drawing tray, the size of the vehicles will change depending on the scale you use, you may need to change the line width for smaller scales.

Thanks for your quick answer :).
Thats to bad, some job to change it then.

Check this thread:


Fwiw, it involves three steps, select the item(s), rightclick and make group, rightclick and set the scale to what it is currently (eg. 1:48) and finally change the scale to a metric (eg. 1:20 or 1:50)