Customizing Scrapbooks

I have watched @TheOnlyAaron video about customizing Scrapbooks

Here are some of my own (Dutch language)

Edit: While testing, there seems to be a problem with my files, be patient!
Problem with the used fonts (Avenir next) on my Mac.


Mensen 2019.layout (619.3 KB) NEN 47 2019.layout (34.5 KB) Pictogrammen Scrapbook 2019.layout (6.9 MB) Kleuren 2019.layout (5.3 MB) Electrische Symbolen 2019.layout (101.9 KB)

Have fun!


If you wanna have access to these scrapbooks and other resources all the time, check out this post:

Updated my SketchUp resources. Anyone interested in these resources? PM me your Trimble ID and I will add you to my resources project!