Layout patterns not printing

Just got a print back from printer and found the materials pattern areas were all blank. The border line show up, but the hatching does not. They look fine on the PDF on screen. Wonder if someone has similar experience and remedy.
Thank you

More information needed. What patterns? If the pattern shows up on the PDF but not in the print, maybe you need to find out what kind of printer was used.

I am checking with printer, she has a range of printers.
Materials patterns – gravel, cast in place concrete, soil. They are on 2nd page here:

TEST PRINT 3:24:21.pdf (503.5 KB)

Thanks for taking a look.

Did she use a printer that won’t print raster content? One of my clients used to have some large scale printing done by a a company whose printers wouldn’t print raster images. If I needed to use patterns such as you’ve got I made my own as vector linework in LO.