STAPLES Printing Problems

2x3 color prints of Architectural plans from a commercial printer (Staples) look great except for the Layout’s materials patterns. The patterns print overly black or with an excessively thick line weight. I printed the same patterns on a Layout test sheet using an ordinary office copier. The test results look exactly as they do on my monitor - no distortion of line weight or color. Likely this is on the printer’s end. I used ‘earth compacted fill’ and ‘crushed rock gravel’. Any ideas?

What are you giving to Staples to print from? What are you printing from?

Thank you for your reply. Sent staples a PDF

How does the PDF look when you open it on your computer? If it looks like you would expect, then the issue is on the Staples end.

Looks fine on this end. Even did a test printing on HP Officejet printer of various patterns, varying % of darkness - printed out exactly what I see on my monitor. I wonder what Staples could do to correct the gross difference?

Thanks for your help!

Good question. I don’t know how their printer is set up but you could take the file to them with a sample from your printer and ask them to match it. At least that way they would know what you are expecting to see.

Good luck.

Thank you for your prompt reply and interest in helping. Sure appreciate the insights.

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