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Ciao a tutti.
esiste un modo per inviare le scene di sketchup in layout, creando per ogni scena una pagina?
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Maybe this will do what you want.

Create LayOut File

ciao e grazie …lo conosco, si
pero non mi da la possibilita’ di scegliere il mio template.

It would have helped if you had added that to your first post.

At least until such time as they add that capabiliy, possibly by editing the extension, you could set up your custom template with viewports for the scenes already in place. Open the template and relink the SketchUp Reference to your project file.

non ho idea di come fare…grazie tante lo stesso

First create a proxy SketchUP model file with the scenes you will have in your project files. Make this your default SketchUp template in which you’ll create your SketchUp models. Send that to LayOut and select your custom template. Set up the viewports as desired on the different pages and save that as your LayOut template. When you are ready to start a new LayOut file, open your custom template, go to File>Document Setup>References, select the .skp reference, choose Relink and select your project file. Here’s an example from a template I have for one of my clients.

The first sheet of the template looks like this with three viewports.

After selecting the reference in the list, choosing Relink, and selecting the project file …
Screenshot - 3_13_2024 , 7_20_21 AM

I get the three views of the project model.

Credo di aver capito…
Ci provo e ti aggiorno.
Sei stato molto gentile.Grazie tante

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