Layout or SketchUp? NEWbie question

Looks great. And I’m happy for you to use what you have written about me.

Hope your dog is happy with the result, too.

Best wishes


August 14, 2016

John, you probably thought this thread was finished, but I had to write at least one more time to show you four more photographs, in order, in a ZIP file named

OpenFirsta.jpg shows the hatch and its door open, connected by an ordinary door hinge. The door remains open using a principle I like to call gravity. OpenSeconda.jpg shows it closed; the more I rotate that tab (the one that (1.0 MB)
ts southwest) clockwise, the tighter the seal gets. The width of the door hinge is made up for by the thick, blue, and extremely sticky window-sealant tape. With all that said, if I had to do this again I’d do it differently, starting with the use of the offset hinge you recommended so many weeks ago, even though I never could find one online or elsewhere. I suppose I could try to forge one, or perhaps carve it.

OpenThirda.jpg shows yet another element of the doghouse, one that asks a question. OpenzFourtha.jpg answers that question.

The door looks good, and the catch works well to give a firm closure.

And I am immensely pleased with, and flattered by, your solution in the fourth image to the question posed in the third.

Thank you!

John McC

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