Layout not responding

Incident Identifier: 650A5D89-CE3B-4783-B62B-0A3B03AB5AA4
CrashReporter Key: C3E9E03B-ED4B-5968-80D8-693D810D542A
File name: Brookfield Reno Stage 1 Layout Plan
Recovered file from 21st September 2020 at 3:25pm.

My progran crashed with a bug splat while i was working on it and i can not use layout or open the recovered file. Sketch up pro is working fine.

Please help!!!

No one can help unless you upload the file so that they can see if they can open it.

Bear in mind that this is a user forum, not Trimble’s tech department. So the references you give will be meaningless I suspect.

Many SketchUp team members are active here. They could look up your crash reports. Pinging @colin and @adam

It can be a challenge to find the corresponding bugsplat report with only ‘GP01’ to go on! But I did find a lot from someone with those initials. And one of them mentions Brookfield.

I think that it’s midnight for you. When you read this, look at your avatar in the upper right of this page, and there will be a green 1 circle. Click on your avatar to get to your messages, to read one from me.