Layout not performing efficiently in 2019 mojave

Layout is not performing efficiently in 2019 Mojave.

you should elaborate this… and update your profile concerning the used operating system.

I have a similar spec’d machine and I’ve been experiencing problems for years now. I’ve come to understand that the way LayOut is designed it is very CPU dependent. Even a simple task such as zooming will push my CPU usage well over 100%, which causes unbearable lag. You might try to confirm this for yourself by observing the activity monitor while you are using LO. The SketchUp team is fully aware of this and I assume unable (or unwilling) to do anything about it. They have instructed me to try to work in raster as much as possible, but this “solution” makes little to no difference.

It seems to me that as computing technology improves, it is increasingly driven by multicore CPU performance with lower clock speeds per core. I believe these Trimble programs are only using a single core at any given time. So as manufacturers reduce clock speeds, and Trimble continues to rely on this type of architecture for the software our user experience gets more and more crippled.

This is terrible news. I did not have this problem in the past one my old MacBook with High Sierra.
I wonder if reinstalling High Sierra might work?

Not easy to compare. But it hasn’t improved, for sure. Everything is slow in LO. Changing pages, printing. In later parts of projects, I have to update revisions from SketchUp to LayOut to output quite often, and the most time is spent, Including the SU revisions sometimes, waiting for LayOut.

I’ll second that @pbacot

Layout is painfully slow, and no update from the Sketchup Team yet.

Being rather cynical, I don’t think this will get sorted.