LayOut CPU usage


Is anyone else having trouble with UI lag due to cpu usage in LayOut 2018? (version 18.1.1180)

Simple tasks such as zooming and panning are maxing my cpu usage to as high as 130%. I’m monitoring this by using activity monitor on MacOS MoJave 10.14.2. As soon as I stop mouse input, the cpu settles down, but while performing these movements the program is exhibiting terrible UI lag.

Here are the specs on my machine:



I’m not a Mac user, but is SketchUp set to use the Radeon GPU?

Also are you using max texture size?



I have exactly the same using Layout on a brand new iMac 27” with 40GB RAM and 4GB GPU.

I’ve posted about this issue in a separate thread, reporting that the zooming is painfully bad. The zooming on my 2015 MacBook Pro with High Sierra is a lot quicker and yet the spec of the machine is lower than my iMac.

From what I can see, other Mac users have and do experience the same.

It is the main issue I hope gets sorted with the next release.



yes lots. I don’t believe its GPU bound. Zooming and panning, selecting things on more complex documents is extremely slow.
There is a beast of a thread here…



Yeah, unfortunately LayOut is CPU-bound for panning and zooming due to the graphics libraries we’re using on both Mac and Windows.

For what it’s worth, the most expensive thing to draw are vector-rendered models - anything with lots and lots of edges. If it’s possible with your workflow, try to avoid using vector or hybrid-rendered models while you’re doing the bulk of your document editing work.

Also for what it’s worth, the entire development team is very aware of this issue and has been working on ways to improve performance.




It’s definitely very frustrating when you spend a good deal of money on a powerful machine. And to add insult to injury, we are paying for this software, and many of us are using it in a professional capacity. One can only cry over spilt milk so many times before moving on to better solutions. I’ve been using SketchUp for about 10 years now. My workflow is entirely dependent on it, but these issues really have me thinking there might be a better way. I just shutter to think of the learning curve of adapting to a new software.



Well, thank goodness for that, it’s much needed!

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Thank you for your reply Marc. It is nice to know that the sketchup team are monitoring these forums and at least providing acknowledgment of known issues.

I wouldn’t be justified in speaking for the community as a whole, but I can say from the circles of other users that I find myself in, we would be perfectly happy if your team focused only on the user experience and put all new features on the back burner. We are paying for this product, and as good as it is in many ways, it falls short of expectations in many others. When simple aspects of the UI are so buggy it really makes one reevaluate the intrinsic value of the product. I have been struggling with some of these UI issues for years now. For me personally, my patience is wearing. I can only carry on like this for probably one more release, before I start looking for alternate solutions.

To end on a more positive note, it is a wonderful program that has more positive qualities than negative ones. I appreciate your continuing efforts to make it the best that it can be.

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Is it multi threaded?

Would many cores help?



Single threaded, vector ops tend to be.