Layout - no export to pdf print

I have downloaded skechtup pro 2023 and now in Lay out i can not print of export to pdf. What can I do?

Can you share the file you’re trying to export?

When did you download sketchup? Is it the latest update?

no, 314

in sketchup 2022 I can export and print. In 2023 not.

Would you mind spending a few seconds and filling out your profile, properly? According to your profile you are running 2017 on an operating system called 2017. Answering your question really comes down to the ACTUAL version of SketchUp you are running and on what operating system.

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I don’t know where I can do that

What does that mean?

Click on the letter C on the top right corner, go to preferences, profile, there fill with the right information.

I’ve exported 4 PDFs from LayOut 2023 in the last two hours. It will do it so there’s something wrong on your end. Perhaps bad installation or something wrong with your LayOut file. No way to know with incorreect information in your forum profile and without your LayOut file.

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SketchUp Pro 23.1.341

Try repairing your SketchUp installation: Right-click on the installer exe, select Run as Administrator from the context menu, select Repair when prompted.
If that doesn’t help, you should share your LayOut file. It might have corrupt contents, or a faulty font, for instance.

In case he’s using sketchup on windows. According to his profile the OS is also sketchup 2023, that must be a new Linux distribution.