Layout - modifer key for quick matching of object properties

Hi LO developer team

To increase working speed, it would be great to have quick access to the eyedropper tool WITHOUT leaving a drawing tool (i.e. line tool). Could you add a modifier key to toggle temporarily to the eye dropper, please?

I would find it useful to be able to quickly soak up the properties of an adjacent OBJECT ON THE SHEET.

I know that I can sample objects properties from the scrapbook, but sometimes that is not fast enough and sometimes it`s just too many mouse clicks away (scrapbook might be collapsed or another scrapbook page is open).


That would be nice!

Unless I’m not understanding you correctly, this feature is already available by using the ‘s’ key while a drawing tool is active:

See the LayOut Help Center article about Applying Styles

Hope that helps,


that is brilliant and works fine.

I knew about the s sample key already, but I learned today that it seamlessly works during other geometry creation commands. Thanks Adam!

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