Layout line corner suddenly not fully joined

Hi all. Long time experienced SketchUp/Layout user, suddenly having line render issues.
Layout vector rendering of simple 2D plan lines suddenly showing unconnected lines at corners with one end rounded. There has been no changes to SketchUp 23 model or Layout settings. Using simple unstacked viewport. SketchUp wall group is a fully closed volume with no groups within groups.
The only change to my workflow just before noticing this issue is a Mac OS update to Sonoma 14.3.1. No change to model or layout file. All was fine before.
Screenshot of SkUp plan view of model with clean corners:

Screenshot from Layout:

However, PDF export is fine, see below:

Anyone else experience this?
cheers Rob

It may have to do with the latest Mac release. Your best bet would be to roll back to a previous version on Mac or wait for Sketchup 2024 as suggested on another forum post.

… or do nothing of the sort since it’s a layout visual glitch that results in a perfectly fine pdf export.
the “rollback or wait for 24” is the advice when crashes are involved, especially paint-bucket related crashes.

@robburton_uk could you share a layout file that does it (you don’t have to share ALL of it, jsut the page / area that does it) so we can check on different SU version / os ?

Looks like only the section cutlines are concerned, and not even all of them.

good. general rule with layout and similar softwares (indesign…) when you get a visual glitch, always check the export. These softwares tend to show a lower resolution of the final result, so the final result is the things that matter.
It looks like some lines are rendered separately, not as a rectangle. weird.

Perhaps @adam has seen something like that recently ?

Here’s a stripped out Layout file version 23.0.418. I am running Sonoma 14.3.1 on Mac Mini M2 Pro. Thanks.
Forum test_V23_0_418.layout (10.1 MB)

Well it’s all clear on my end on 23.1

I have an older machine, mac mini M1 running Ventura, could be driver related (M2 pro vs M1), could be Os (sonoma and ventura).

Also, I see you don’t have the latest sketchup / layout. I don’t see anything in the release notes that would explain this glitch, but it could.
If you keep 23 because of the icons, I get it, don’t bother, it’s a minor visual glitch, now you know it’s here you can live with it and trust the export :slight_smile:
if not, you might try it.

Thanks for testing. I think I’ll stick with this small glitch as PDFs are fine. I’ll wait for SkUp24 for next update. I don’t usually update OS before update if I can avoid it, but Sonoma was supposed to fix some problems I had with Adobe Acrobat not printing, but alas still having problems with new Acrobat printing.

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