LayOut Label Command GroupName does not work

In LayOut when I use Label Command, then GroupName, when I added more than only GroupName, Face Area, etc., then the GroupName does not appear, it only shows < GroupName >.

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It seems, that the first tag, GroupName, Face Area or viceversa it only appears < GroupName > or < Face Area > and the second tag works fine.

GroupName.layout (299.1 KB)
LEV_20240205.skp (235.2 KB)

If you share the file we could see what’s going on.

I uploaded the files.

Not a bug. It’s not designed to work that way. Those tags come from different entities. You can make a second label and give it a transparent leader so it looks like one label.
Screenshot - 2_5_2024 , 8_54_55 PM

BTW, you can select more than one auto text tag from a given entity. Here I show both area and the coordinates of the point I selected.
Screenshot - 2_5_2024 , 8_57_18 PM

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Tnanks, but as you can see, the problem is that after I selected FaceArea or GroupName, etc. The problem is that Layout does not show the area or the name, it only shows the “FaceArea”, “GroupName”,etc.

Edit the label and remove the unused text tag.

As you can see, this Label shows Group Name (wrong), then Coordinates, then Face Area, then Scene Name, and only the first row does not work properly.

In your latest screenshot, the label appears to be attached to a face. This allows us to get the coordinates at the point of the face that the label is connected, as well as the area of the face, and the Scene Name can be gathered without any additional information. However, the Group Name can only be gathered if you choose to connect to a Group in the hierarchy.

We don’t look at the face’s parent to see if it is a Group or component or the root of the model, which is why we do not replace the <GroupName> auto-text in this instance. It could be argued that maybe we should allow this, but that is not how it works at this time.

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It is a group called “IV”, I attach you the files and other captured images that can help.

It is ok if it does not work this way, but I see the menu that pemits it, so I think it could be a bug.

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I am using SketchUpPro 2023 and Layout 2023.

GroupName.layout (302.9 KB)
LEV_20240205.skp (235.2 KB)

Update: I finally understood that the entity group name does not work at the same time with entity face with the same label. But as Dave and you said, I can put another label to use the entity that I need. Thanks for your help.