Layout Label Box Unclickable

When I create a label for a component in Layout and click the blue arrow to open the text options box, it won’t let me click anywhere. When I click, even anywhere in the box, it just closes the box. I’m able to use arrow and tab keys to move the highlighted text, but the mouse does nothing but close the popup.

The weird part is this only happens when I first create the label. I can leave the label tool and double click the text, click the blue arrow, and use the popup box with the mouse with no problem. I recently switched from a Mac to PC and that’s when this issue appeared. I found the work around of exiting the label tool and re-entering it, but this basically doubles the amount of time it takes for me to do certain documents and seriously messes up my workflow.

Is this a bug or do I have some setting set wrong? Thanks in advance.

Share a sample LayOut file that shows this. When you first place the label the text box is already open and available to type in. You don’t need to double click on it.

EXAMPLE.layout (10.8 MB)

When I first place the label, it auto fills with the component description, which sometimes is correct, but other times I need the component definition, depending on whether the document is internal or for clients. So if I need to change it, I click the blue arrow to open the text box. The double clicking is only after exiting the label tool and going back to re-open the text box so I change to the correct label.

It doesn’t show in the screenshot, but my cursor is over “Component Definition” yet it isn’t highlighted, and when I click on it the text box just closes and remains the component description.

See if this helps.

Here is another screenshot showing what happens if I exit the label tool and double click to edit. Notice the “DEFINITION” is now highlighted and I can click on it. This is what doesn’t work when I first create the label.

It’s really hard to tell what you are doing from just a screen shot.

Doing it this way DOES work, but only if it’s the 2nd label for the component. If there are no existing labels already I have the same problem. I’ll try to figure out how to record a video to show.

There’s something goofy in the way you are working, then. It does work with the first label in the same way.

I’ll make an example video.

I found how to make a video, and now it’s working correctly. I didn’t do anything differently or make any changes though.

Must have been something in the way you were holding your tongue.

Since I already made the video, here it is.

LayOut 2023-01-26 (1.1 MB)

I got it to “work” (as in not work) again, but the text box isn’t showing up in the video for some reason.

The part you can’t see, the text box opens and I click on “DEFINITION” and the box closes and text remains “DESCRIPTION”

Out of curiosity, when you installed SketchUp and LayOut did you do so correctly? That requires right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing Run as administrator. If you didn’t, close SketchUp and LayOut, find the installer, right click on it, choose Run as administrator and then choose the Repair option whenit is presented.

I didn’t choose run as administrator but there is only 1 account on the PC. I’ll look into this and get back

It doesn’t matter. Using Run as administrator makes Windows allows needed files to be written during installation. Part of Windows security stuff.

Gotcha, I’ve been away from Windows for a while and didn’t know that.

Unfortunately repairing it still didn’t fix it. I’m going to try uninstalling completely and reinstalling next.

Thanks for the help

Still no luck after uninstall/reinstall. Any other possible suggestions? I don’t think it could be any settings since it’s all set to default with the new installation. I’m stumped especially since I seem to be the only person with this problem.

I don’t know. Many update graphics drivers? Go to the Nvidia site and install their latest drivers.

What mouse are you using? I wonder if there’s something about where the cursor is.

I’m using a Kensington wireless mouse, but I did try using the laptop pad also and had the same problem.

Nvidia driver is downloading now

Might also see if there’s drivers for the Kensington mouse. Do you have any other mice you can try?

After installing the new drivers shut down the computer completely and reboot it.