Layout keeps shifting my sketch up design

I have a 2D drawing in Sketch Up which I have imported to Layout. I have amended my drawing a couple of times and updated the model in Layout. No probs so far. This morning I opened the software but Layout started to shift the model according to the view I have in SU. All scrapbook entities and tags are not aligned anymore. I have re-started the software but nothing seems to help. I only have one 2 D drawing and no viewports. I am a Mac user.

Make a scene of your floor plan view in SketchUp and make your viewport in LayOut reference that view. Otherwise the view in LayOut will always show the view visible in SketchUp when you last saved it.

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And when you do make a scene for it, ensure that the camera is set to Parallel Projection (if you haven’t already).

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Thank you. Problem resolved.