Layout just suddenly slowed down! ISO TIPS, urgently, please!

This is certainly helpful and easy enough to do. Thanks @KeithBrooks !

I have sometimes the same issue and do not know the reason. Closing all other applications in the background, rebooting and only having layout open and no other applications usually helped.

Thanks @Moky. I’ve done that to no benefit. I do appreciate your suggestion though!

@endlessfix - Me again. Thanks so much. I’m bummed to report that the files relocated to the hard drive are behaving the same as when they were on the cloud.
This begs the question - Has the SUCommunity ever given guidance on support for hire? I think I need someone who knows Macs AND SU/LO to really dive deep here. There must be a systemic problem in the way the program is loaded / operating / interfacing with the computer.
Would be happy for any referrals to a for-hire contact who can devote time to trouble shooting.

Thanks in advance, all.

With gratitude,

As I mentioned earlier, it would be helpful to see your LO file on another machine to see if the same sort of issues occur.

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Indeed, the logical next step is to share your layout file so it can be tested on other setups.

I like your suggestion and would like to have a contact like that as well :smiley:.
What I also did before as a work around: copy and paste the contact into a new document. I don’t know why, but my files were smaller at the end and everything worked again.

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