Layout is slow for some but not all my files?

Sometimes my layout files become very slow. I use the same general templates for all my jobs. When I have reached out to support before they have said there was an issue with my template that was causing the program to slow down. I have since made new templates and the problem went away. Fast forward a couple weeks and it is back. The people at sketchup support didn’t have much to offer in the way of advice and recommended I post here. Please let me know if theres any settings I should change or what I can do to speed up layout. Currently I am having a hard time even adding dimensions to my drawings. Thanks!

First, I’ll suggest that you edit your post and delete the LayOut file from it since it contains client contact info as well as your own.

The slowdown in performance seems to come from the page borders and titleblock frames. How did you create those for your template? Deleting them from the document makes things speed up quite nicely.

I notice that you aren’t leveraging the shared layer thing in LayOut Your logo, common titleblock text, and scale could all be on a shared layer so you only need to insert them once. Note here how all those things highlight in blue indicating they are on an unshared layer.

I also see that you have modified the Camera properties for the SketchUp viewports in your document. Note the dark gray background and the Reset button in the Camera section of the SketchUp Model panel. Also note that although the selected scene is the “basement” scene, it’s not showing the basement in the model. This is one result of modifying the Camera properties.

On a side note, I looked at your SketchUp model files. I see that you are just doing 2D drawings and you have them strung out along the red axis. I also see that each of your floor plans is loose geometry. It’s not a good idea to string out the model as you have these. It can create graphical issues and other problems. You should be using groups and components in your modeling.
I also see incorrect tag usage. All edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. Only groups and components should be given tags. This is the result of correct that in the Existing Conditions model.
Screenshot - 6_6_2024 , 2_08_36 PM
And there’s plenty to purge.
Screenshot - 6_6_2024 , 2_09_13 PM
Your SketchUp files aren’t huge as compared to a lot of models I see from others but even so, cleaning up this model reduced file size by about 40%.

I’m curious. Since you are only making 2D drawings, why are you using SketchUp at all? It’s designed for 3D models. Or why aren’t you creating a 3D model of the house and using it to get the 2D floor plans you need?

And one other thing I see. The basement scene in the existing conditions file has the camera set to Perspective. It should be set to Parallel Projection like the others.

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Thank you very much Dave! I thought I deleted all personal information, but must have uploaded the wrong copy! Thanks for the heads up. I will go through your recommendations and reply back if I run into issues. Thanks again

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You’re welcome. I just sent you a revised version of that file by PM.