Layout is painfully slow on a 3090

Layout has always been slow for me since I started using Sketchup / Layout 2018. I’m currently on the 2020 version and Layout is borderline unusable. I made a brand new file. I chose the Tabloid template. I inserted a 391kb PNG and Layout immediately slowed down to a snail’s pace. Panning / zooming / drawing / etc. Every single action lags in this brand new blank file with a tiny image inserted. Help.

RTX 3090

I really doubt hardware is the issue here. My CPU, Memory, and GPU usage are all ridiculously low. I’ve tried reinstalling but I wasn’t surprised when that didn’t help since Layout has been slow since v2018 for me. I’ve even tried it on three other computers over the years and they all face the same problem.

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There are many topics about this, read them to see if you can find an answer…

Can you share the LO file so we can see what you are working with and compare performance on other hardware?

If you have a possibility of trying v. 2021 or 2022, tell us how your file behaves with them. I understand some performance changes have happened.

I have the same graphic card, so it’s not that. It’s has to be a setting. LO and SU won’t come close to utilizing the speed that card provides.

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One thing to note is that the fundamentals have not changed. SketchUp/LayOut is still a single threaded application that is heavily CPU-intensive. The 3D geometry is processed mainly by your CPU, while the GPU is in charge of raster features like textures and shadows. A high-end GPU mostly sits there and waits for the CPU to supply it with things to draw on your screen.

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Layout is painfully slow (I have 64gb RAM, GTX 3080). If you, for instance, want to dimension section-cuts en tiny bit more complex models it is just not pleasant to work with. It’s is clunky in many ways.

More than likely you are vector or hybrid rendering more than you need to show in the model.

Sometimes that does the trick even turn off snapping can increase ‘snappiness’ ;)…but when dimensioning I really need to turn on vector-rendering and snapping. Especially when section-cuts are used LO becomes slowww. I really really LOVE Layout and LOVE this workflow, there are many work arounds, but it still needs a lot of improvement.

Irritating slowness in LO:

  • dimensioning with section cuts turn on;
  • changing colors (brrrrr); (why is this so clunky?)
  • text editing;
  • moving trays (?);
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Dimension to the raster rendered. It snaps no differently than vector.

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You’re right, the principle of snapping is the same, but sometimes it’s hard to see what to snap when you’re in raster-mode. For instance with layered constructions…

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I feel your pain.

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I’m not tech savvy, but I just fixed my layout today after months of frustration with the video application antialiasing settings

see thread directly above or search my posts

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Maybe, but it’s not section cuts that are slowing you down. It’s vector rendering and what you are vector rendering. Look at your level of detail and what you are trying to present.

Showing detailed construction, as an example, is really not a good thing for floor plans or sections that are at a 1/4”/ft scale. They look great on a screen, but printed to size in the field and nobody can read it.

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Have you checked this???