Layout is inoperative. I open it...and no icons or menu items are active


It’s the same if I “Send to Layout” or just try to open Layout.
The front loads, I do not get any dialog box regarding templates, and it just sits there inactive. Seems like a big problem because I can’t use layout for my workflow.
I have used layout in the past, maybe a week ago, with no issues. nothing has changed on my computer to my knowledge. Su and Layout 2018.
Any help from su3ers or Trimble would be GREATLY appreciated.


A few things.

Are you using multiple monitors? It sounds like the getting started window is off screen.

What happens if you open an existing LO file by double clicking in Windows Explorer, does that open ok?

  • close LO
  • launch SU
  • disable “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use fast Feedback”
  • close SU
  • launch SU and “Send to LO”

if this helps your graphics card driver is faulty.