LayOut Hide / Unhide edit feature requested

I would like a Hide / Unhide edit feature in Layout similar to the one in Sketchup. Often on a crowded layer it is difficult to select the specific bit one is trying to select. A quick right-click to hide and unhide would be great. Unless one exists and I have not found it, of course.

You could use layers but I get your point. Layers are good for a more kind of permanent document structure; to just temporarily hide something while working it would be nice not to have to create a temporary layer, move, move back and purge the layer. For some objects temporarily cutting (ctrl+x) and later paste (ctrl+v) works but I don’t think dimensions and texts stay connected when doing so. Also it messes up the drawing order.

I’m in favor of this suggestion.

I would also be very happy if groups in LO worked more as in SU. Being able to edit a group with the rest of the document being hidden would be very useful.

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The cut and paste idea has too much chance (for me) of mistakenly permanently deleting things you don’t want deleted. I like your second idea of editing groups while the rest of the document is hidden.

Definitely would love to be able to access my groups in layout.
I can’t quite figure out how to make all my hidden/unhidden groups track across scenes, even just in SKP.

Would be awesome to be able to work within a group in layout, using all the tools and drawing capabilities, just like in sketchup.

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I am not a SKP blackbelt, but I have learned to not use hide / unhide to control visibility in Scenes. It does not work, particularly if you have nested components or groups. Assign entities to Layers, and toggle on or off specific layers to control visibility is each Scene. You will be much happier.

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