Only reference objects shown, object snap

This would make life so much easier.

Regards, Mark.

Can you elaborate a bit more specific? Have an example or screenshot?
That would make life easier for product managers to comprehend how users are using the software.

Thanks Mike,

It would be far more efficient and intuitive, if when editing a path in a group (I use Hide mode), all other hidden layers were actually turned off. So I can Split or Glue the line/point I’m looking at without interference from hidden objects.

When I first started using LO it drove me mad. I couldn’t work out why I was unable to Split/Glue this point I was directly over, or why I couldn’t get a lock on an object snap point. Because I was in a group, and ‘hide rest of document’ mode, it was intuitive for me to think that what I was seeing, was all that was active.

It would be a great feature because I wouldn’t have to be constantly turning on off layers to edit, or rethinking my layers hierarchy.



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I also struggle with the split tool. Too often the wrong geometry gets split.
Probably I should get in the habit to isolate geometry in groups. Or lock objects from unintentional editing…

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Another way of looking at it…

Before I was a building designer I was a musician and was heavily into music production.

One of my first thoughts when using SU/LAYOUT was “why isn’t there a true bypass, solo button for tags/layers like there is on my mixing console?”

So, a solo button for tags/layers seems very natural from my perspective. There are mute buttons, but no solo buttons.

I know that it is somewhat achieved with native visibility settings and with my SUforyou extension in Sketchup, but regarding inferencing in LO, only a true bypass solution is adequate. And I think that needs to be built into LO Layers, natively.

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