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When i dimension inside my drawing, it goes behind my viewport.
I have tried send to back on my drawing and it didnt work.

Can someone send me a solution


It sounds like you are adding your dimensions on a layer lower in the list that the viewport is on. Send to Bac or Send to Front only work for elements on the same layer. You need to put your Dimensions layer at or near the top of the layers stack.

Here is the layers list from one of my templates. Notice the dimensions are very near the top of the list and the layers for viewports are much farther down the list.
Screenshot - 6_8_2020 , 10_59_31 AM

thank you, problem solved!

Hello , Not sure why this doesn’t snap correctly. send solution please

How about sharing the LO file instead of a video you recorded with your phone?

The corner you want to dimension to is essentially hidden behind the edge of the wall that is closer to the camera. You can snap the dimension on the edge of the case close to the wall. It’s probably easier to do if you change the rendering to Vector, too.

To make it easier to hit that corner I used a section plane in the Wall group to “trim” the wall back to behind the front of the cabinets which exposes the corner you want to dimension to.

Then it’s quite simple to anchor the dimensions where you want them.

By the way, you might want to edit your post with the LO file and remove it. The file contains contact information you might not want to have out there for just anyone to harvest.

thank you , i have deleted my LO file post atm

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I hope the section plane thing helped.

Don’t worry. I won’t sell your info. :slight_smile:

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